Back at it

And so here it is again.

I’ve been cowardly and away for far too long – so long that blogsentral’s deleted my account and I can’t find it, so long that I don’t even know if I can still write and deep inside some voice is saying you can’t compete with all the congressmen, politicians, goth emo girls from Taiping, Lampeberger MLM-monsters from Subang their cats, hamsters and assorted pet snakes who’ve sprung blogs the moment they learn how to crawl.

And babies. Who’d have thought babies blogged? Not my grandmother, and certainly not yours.

So yes – here we go again. The Wife has been asking me and I’ve been trying to put it off (as most men do at some time in their lives) but also because there is an unborn baby boy in his mother’s tummy who will one day (God and the internet willing) be able to read all this, understand it and have a better relationship to who his parents were.

That, and to teach him that good writing can (occasionally, and other very specific conditions) get you girls.

But first things first. 

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