Beating A Dead Horse (or three)

You know, when I typed the URL (from memory) of this particular instance of the blog, I half expected Google to have deleted it.

Surprise surprise. Embiggened’s still there. Either they REALLY have space to spare or they just don’t care.

Either way, a series of unfortunate events have pushed a highly complex chain of events into action – resulting into me updating this blog again. For how long, it’s anyone’s guess.

On what – well I guess I’ve reached the stage where I just want to talk about anything I damn well please.

Imran’s doing better today – the cough’s still there, he’s still slightly feverish, but he’ll be OK. He’s a strong kid.

One benefit of babysitting is I finally get to watch them shows I’ve been downloading but never have time to watch. Ok then, time for a minireview session:


Sure, most people (including The Wife) can’t stand Nic Cage’s puppy dog eyes and sappy-action hero chops. Me, I don’t care much. A flick that comes from Alex Proyas (Dark City) always piques the mind. It’s unfortunate that Knowing stars off promising, but a plodding 2nd act and an unbelievably allegory-heavy (think Narnia!) 3rd act leave me with a sour taste in my mouth. The effects are top notch – sure. But come on, am I the only one getting the Left Behind/Rapture references here?

The internet doesn’t think so.


What can I say? Quentin Tarantino stars in a Takashi Miike homage to spaghetti western theater, where EVERY JAPANESE actor speaks in English? Frickin’ Awesome, is what that is. There’s enough reference to Genji and the War Of The Roses for those analytical types, but for Miike fans everywhere, give it  a go.


Only British actors can pull off maladjusted, cynical, scientific antiheroes these days, and Tim Roth hams it up beautifully. I now can appreciate those little chin-thrusts and shoulder-shrugs much better. Couldn’t be arsed to wait for NTV7’s slots, so downloaded it anyway. Excellent beginning, and should be enough to tide me over till Mentalist kicks in again next season.

Ok. Enough yammering. Back to work.

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