No Shiny Phones!

I hate religious fascists and bigots – no matter which God they profess to believe in. Case in point:

GHAZNI, Afghanistan (Reuters) – The Taliban have warned Afghans that possessing pictures of “unrelated women and handsome boys” was against Islamic law and owning “shiny new phones” runs contrary to their religious dignity.

The Taliban have been posting “night letters” in the volatile southeastern province of Ghazni, reminding Afghans of their religious obligations and reiterating warnings that they will attempt to disrupt crucial presidential elections on Aug. 20.

In a restatement of the Taliban’s austere interpretation of Islam, one letter warned people, especially the young, against using hi-tech gadgets such as cell phones with photography and video functions.

Clicky here for the link.

Secondly, I’ve come to the realisation that for many men of my race, being married carries the unfortunate side effect of emasculation. Literally. Why else would they insist on going trawling for fish in Terengganu, climbing mountains and generally hanging out with each other to show how unafraid of their wives they are?

I’ve been invited to a few of these gatherings and activities – sometimes just for a drink after work. Sometimes, I do – and I just let the wife know I’ll be a bit late so she can pick up Imran from the nursery. Most times, I decline – and will quickly be met by “whipping” hand gestures and shouts of “oh, you have to ask permission, is it?’.

Yesterday it was “The Quran says a wife should bow to her husband!”.


A wife should bow to a husband who leaves the family for a completely unnecessary activity, leaving behind a sick child at home? A husband who decides to have a drink with the boys will ALWAYS get to do so without consulting the wife? Is that what the Quran says?


Maybe for these guys, they worry that their manhood has become suspect if they don’t appear to be subjugating their wives, enforcing the sheer force of their iron will and generally getting their way. Maybe it’s an unspoken rule that men should never appear to “consult” their wives for anything.

Or maybe it’s because I’m married to a beautiful, intelligent woman who I can’t wait to go home to.

Either way, it’s okay. I like my life right now – and I wouldn’t trade any mountain, teh tarik session or road trip for it.

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