Holy Shit.

Six years, one wife, two kids, a shitload of memories later, and here we are. I honestly did forget that I had this site, until I tried to buy a sub from WordPress with the TwiT discount code and discovered that my gmail is still linked to it. So here we are again.

I’d like to think the reason for coming back is purely ideological; that Facebook’s shenanigans have finally pushed me over the edge, that I will no longer consciously contribute to a platform that has realised its primary mission is to demolish democracy , suppress truth, and invade privacy. It’d be nice to say that – but it would also be a lie.

I’m getting old. I want a space that I own, here on the internet. A space that may even push me to start writing, again. Who knows? The possibilities are…enticing.

I might even abandon this again, before long. But right now, it feels good to type this. It feels familiar, and comfortable.

We’ll see.