Deco, semi unboxed

This is it. This is the big one. Two different wifi extenders later, I finally decided that I would close 2018 by going full on into mesh networking products.

It was a different time, 2017. A used  300 Mbps router, working as an extender in N-mode was fine for a 20mpbs connection, but now that we’re running at near gigabit speeds and with some IoT stuff thrown into the mix, even after adding that cute little AC extender  that complements the Asus RT1200G+ (which is an amazingly capable router for small apartments) we found that the connection would always crap out in the master bedroom.

So I took the plunge, and after waiting for a few months (this model is quite the best-seller) I managed to get my man Yeap from YQC Tech in Penang to send me a unit. The plan is of course to get home, unbox this, do a speedtest with the current setup, hook this up, run a speedtest with the Deco setup, document everything here, and hopefully FINALLY be able to connect the Switch, my phone, and other stuff over wifi in the bedroom.

We’ll see…

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