We’re at one of the malls in KL. We got here early in the morning having made the 15 minute drive from home. We would have loved to take the train but that isn’t really an option, not unless we really need to.

At 10 am the luxury goods floor was deserted, literally. We passed store after store with almost no customers browsing or purchasing anything. The only location with actual customers, as expected, was the food court floor in the basement. People need to eat, after all.

And so here we are. Definitely less people than I’ve ever seen on a Sunday mid morning. The water feature outside that usually has throngs of tourists taking selfies is empty. The crosswalk that links the two major shopping hubs, barely populated. I feel bad for the businesses operating here, but there’s not much we can do except buy some stuff from stores we like. We’re heading back soon, hope things get better quickly.

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