Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Nothing much happened on Tuesday, Day 7. We’re mostly still pottering along at our WFH setups, cooking, trying to exercise. From my work perspective, recent events have proven to be the best justification for all the cloud infrastructure we’ve built over the past 8 years. It’s taken that long to convert the systems we have at the office to things we can remote manage and access, and without all of those things (SharePoint and Teams primarily) we would literally have had to shut down.

Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Today, it’s day 8, and the Prime Minister, as expected, has announced an extension to the MCO, till the 14th of April. This seems in line with what other countries are doing. I’ve always felt it was magical thinking to believe we can return to normal on April 1st. Now we just have to brace ourselves for the inevitable economic impact. The Central Bank, to its credit has also announced a six-month moratorium on loans, which seems to be opt-out, and for which I am grateful for. I just have to see how the banks I have loans with are treating it, and if necessary, how I can opt out. I am luckier than most: my work is assured, and (for now at least), so is my salary. I have a tenant whose work is also unaffected, although I have reached out to him to find out how he’s doing. This is all new ground, there’s tons of uncertainty right now, and more importantly, I hope to see more government stimulus because there are people out there who really, really, need it.

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