Wednesday, 22 April 2020

I admit it I’ve failed. What started out as a chronicle of my experience under lockdown during a pandemic quickly fizzled out not because I ran out of gas, but partly because working from home saps a whole damn lot out of you.

We’ve all changed, one month later. We’ve adapted, some of us better than others, because of whatever fleeting privilege we have. This “new normal” that people keep talking about will hit everyone and it will not be easy to pick ourselves up.

It still takes a while to get to sleep. Two major exams have been cancelled, but there’s no indication of when schools will reopen, but that’s okay. I can just imagine the multiple clusters that will result if the MCO is lifted without any clear guidelines, and this current government, with its double standards on enforcement and idiotic announcements does not inspire confidence in the least. Personally, a continuation till the end of Ramadan is likely, and perhaps necessary. We’ll know in a couple of days. Till then, I highly recommend this track:

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