I’ve always thought that the best camera is the one you always have with you. For the most part this has proven to be true. My trusty(?) Huawei has been more than adequate in capturing plenty of impressive (to me, at least, shots).

In late November this year, however, my faith was rattled after DJI announced their new micro-sized stabilised camera, the Osmo Pocket. What intrigued me was the ability to shoot in up to 4k60fps, motion time-lapse and panoramic shots, all in something roughly the size of my phone. As we do go on short breaks with the kids, I’ve always regretted not being able to actually make home movies of our trips the way our parents used to. It seemed at the time that a device like this would be a perfect fit.

After a couple of weeks of watching tens of online Hands-on videos and trying to hunt one down (according to online resellers this is one of the hottest items this season) I managed to get an official Malaysian set from a nearby camera store. I couldn’t wait to get it on and through its paces.

The box is super small, and the contents extremely straightforward. So for the past 2 days I’ve been playing with it and decided that due to the immense age of my home laptop I’d start out at the lowest available resolution, edit and render that for YouTube, and then move up from there.

The results from the first day, at 1080p and 30fps is below:

I was just relieved the laptop didn’t combust into flame, so today I went out and bumped the frame rate up to 60fps, and squeezed in some basic color correction (which came out mostly like an Instagram filter, but never mind):

So since the laptop managed to render the above pretty well, I guess the next test would be to use the Pro mode, which necessitates attaching the phone via the USB-c connection.

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