I think weekends are the hardest. Used to be we would look forward to the weekends because we could sleep in for a little bit, and then maybe take the kids to a park and then to a mall. All that’s changed for now. Still I consider myself incredibly privileged to have a space that’s big enough for the family and access to the internet and other forms of entertainment. Many of my countrymen at this time aren’t so lucky. Many don’t even have jobs.

It’s incredible to see how the world has changed. American talk shows are now done vlog style, with the hosts talking on a couch. Every other day a new explainer comes out about the importance of social distancing and the latest number of deaths and what it all means. Every day we hear of a friend of a friend getting sick, or another death in a place we know or have been to, and every day we pray that this disease will skip us and our loved ones. That’s all we can do. I’m writing this on a Sunday about the day before, not so much for people to read, but so maybe if we survive this, we will never forget.

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